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Kintsugi that connects thoughts

It's okay if it breaks.

We will carefully fix what you want to cherish for a long time.

People who make, people who sell, people who use.

So that everyone can smile.

I want to keep using important things for a long time.

I hope I can help you with that feeling.

A vessel full of memories, a vessel you want to cherish. Even if it breaks accidentally, please feel free to contact us before throwing it away.


Lacquer and Kintsugi

Representative Maya Higuchi




​FBS福岡放送 めんたいワイド


​放送日 2024年1月24日17:15~


​RKB福岡 タダイマ!


​放送日 2021年5月25日(火)15:40~ 

moonster slowfactry

moonster slowfactry








How to fix
This lacquer joint
・ Use only natural materials such as wood chips and lacquer
・ It takes 1 to 3 months to finish
・ Recommended for cups and bowls with a direct mouth
Resin joint
-Use synthetic resin for adhesion and hole filling, and finish the surface with lacquer.
・ It will be finished in about one month.
・ Large items, places with heavy loads such as cup handles,
Recommended for objects etc.
The appearance of the finished product does not change, but the material used to bond the debris is different. This lacquer joint uses only natural materials such as this lacquer and pieces of wood. For resin splicing, synthetic resin is used only for adhesion and hole filling, and the top is grounded, painted, and finished with this lacquer. The resin does not come into contact with food.
In terms of strength, glass products are repaired by using a glass adhesive only for adhesion and covering with lacquer to finish the glass joint.
We also accept general repairs for lacquer ware, lacquer products, and tea utensils (natsumes, coated lids, fire rims, etc.). Please feel free to contact us.

About finishing
You can choose from three types: (1) gold powder finish, (2) silver powder finish, and (3) lacquer finish. ③ Choose from four colors for lacquer finish: black lacquer, valve pattern, white lacquer, and lacquer. Please contact us for other finishes such as lacquer work and urushi-e.



Black lacquer

Valve pattern

White lacquer

Tame coating

About repair fee
We make an estimate based on the damage status of the vessel and the size of chips and cracks. Delivery time and price will change depending on the bonding method and finish. You can apply for a rough estimate from this site.

This lacquer joint (2 to 3 months)  

Crack lacquer 3300 yen ~ Silver 3500 yen ~ Gold 4000 yen ~

Chip lacquer 4500 yen ~ Silver 4700 yen ~ Gold 5400 yen ~

Cracked lacquer 4800 yen ~ Silver 5100 yen ~ Gold 6000 yen ~


Resin splicing (1.5 months)  

Only this lacquer joint can repair cracks.

Chip lacquer 3500 yen ~ Silver 3600 yen ~ Gold 4300 yen ~

Cracked lacquer 3600 yen ~ Silver 3900 yen ~ Gold 4800 yen ~


* Glass products and lacquer ware will be priced separately depending on the damage situation.
* A separate round-trip shipping fee and transfer fee will be charged.
* All tax not included
* From May 1, 2020, if you want to help you enjoy your time at home, we will offer a service that frees the return shipping fee that you normally bear. (End time undecided)

Request flow

① Tentative estimate

② Requested item mailed

③ This estimate

④ Repair

⑤ Payment and delivery

About the vessel after repair

It is basically the same as handling lacquer ware. Please handle it referring to the following.

Microwave oven, dishwasher, oven, and direct fire cannot be used.
Do not wash with abrasives such as cleansers, hard sponges, or scrubbing brushes.
Do not stack with other pottery. When stacking, be careful not to hit the repaired part directly, such as by laying Japanese paper or kitchen paper between them.
Avoid using metal forks and knives. If you use it, please be careful not to hit the repaired part.
Please avoid putting it in the refrigerator.
Cracks and peeling of the repaired part may occur)

Do not leave the product in water or in water for a long time. (It may cause peeling)

Avoid holding the repaired part when washing it.

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